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This is a limited edition range of only 100 pieces.

These textile screen prints depict scenes from Japanese ‘matsuri’ festivals, celebrated across the country, literally throughout the year, in Shinto shrines and temples famous for joyous occasions. These festivals are adored by all Japanese, young and old, uniting communities in their shared love, joy and gratitude for life. Shintoism has its roots in an animist faith, with a strong love of and connection to nature. These matsuri celebrate the various aspects of nature, its five elements, and our human harmony with the spirit world and each other. As a result, life-affirming themes such as harvest, fertility, purity, longevity, serenity, peace, growth, marital union and so forth are often at the essence of these special ceremonies.

These screen prints are hand-prepared, mounted onto backboards and are encased in a red ink stamped mount. They are then inserted into our elegant, black-veneer, deep 52 x 52 cm square, iron brandished Shogun Design frames. An ink stamped product description card is placed on the rear of the frame.

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